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WWW/llc Front Porch Good News Magaazines are a print neighborhood of five communities in South Central Wisconsin, powered by the unstoppable energy of the amazing people who live, play and work here. We invite everyone to join in. The 'WelcomeMat' is on the porch and the lemonade on the table.  Click the link on the next line, to print The Press Media Kit...

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Back in the day (the 1990’s), Wild Wings Way llc published an all Rock County magazine called, ontheRock. The goal of the publication was to tell only good news, share the stories of the people and the small businesses of the area and to be the first publication to cover and deliver to all the towns in the county. It was created by a handful of freelance folk, designed and published out of our farm house in Johnstown. Our company jumped into the wacky world of the web in 2008, expanding the same goals of the magazine, launching the eNeighborhood and then ambitiously adding The Press Project in 2010.  This continues to be an exciting work in progress.

Even though the magazine and print industry is rapidly declining under the pressure of the digital age, we’ve always believed that even though technology is cool and fun, people naturally love to touch stuff, have things laying around the house and collect things. The problem with print is that it often focuses on bad news and it relies on dollars from advertisers, but rarely tells their stories.

We are honored and thrilled to bring our print theory to Edgerton, Fort Atkinson, Jefferson, Stoughton & Whitewater! We believe you’ll visit your neighboring towns and shop local businesses, now that you know about the people in each community. We’re also honored to host on-going columns by local folks and who’s who.

Our magazines are delivered to the mailbox of most every home in each community and also available year round in the businesses. We utilize USPS Every Door Direct in each community to ensure you receive your copy, three times each year.  We’re anxious to hear from you, our readers.  Please take the time to email or write us your impression of our project, send ideas, stories, pictures and suggestions.


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